For better motion

Oxni AC310 - the powerful, innovative frequency inverter for single and multi-shaft shredders of tomorrow

Ecodesign requirements for electric motors and speed control systems and rising electricity costs call for efficient drive solutions. With modern inverters, costs can be saved directly.

Thanks to the special features of the AC310 inverters, single and multi-shaft shredders for recycling plants, material shredders, granulators and crushers can be operated even more efficiently and help to save operating costs.

Made in China combined with Swiss quality standards with delivery and support in Switzerland and the EU.

With the automatic voltage reduction function in idle mode, the power consumption is reduced when no load is present.

Thanks to a high overload capacity of 200%, starting under load is no problem. Reversing trips due to overload are minimized. If reversing is nevertheless necessary, the AC310 has an overvoltage suppression function.

This means that braking resistors can be eliminated, which in turn has a positive impact on costs. Less energy burned plus controlled starting of the motor limits the inrush current and the required peak power.

All this not only helps to save costs in shredding technology, but also enables resource-saving and sustainable operation of recycling plants.

Thanks to its modern design, the AC310 supports all common motor technologies such as asynchronous, synchronous and synchronous reluctance motors.

Explicit attention was paid to ensuring that the inverters can be parameterized and set quickly and easily - because time is money!

Optional expansion cards for Profibus, ProfiNet, Ethercat, Can, etc. allow simple connection to the system control.

We are committed to the modern and sustainable use of existing resources and would like to support you in the same way.

Oxni - moves shredders more efficiently

  • Reduce energy consumtion
  • Prevent overvoltage
  • Quickly recognize and react to overload
  • Start up under load, reverse less
  • Cut current peaks
  • No braking resistors
  • Robust and durable
  • On-site support if required


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Frequency inverters 750W - 560kW

Further power classes of the AC310 frequency inverter are available in the Shop | Drive | Frequency inverters.

Frequency inverters up to 560kW are directly available, for higher power please enquire.