For better motion

Connect AKD2G directly to TIA technology objects for flexible drive solutions

AKD2G servo drives are a real alternative if Profinet is the system bus in your application.

This servo has a Profinet IRT interface and supports the PROFIdrive profile and the following PROFIdrive services: Single parameter value request, Multiple parameter value request, Single parameter change request and Multiple parameter change request.

AKD2G servo drives with integrated Safe Motion are suitable for PM synchronous servo motors, torque motors and linear direct drives.

Thanks to a wide range of supported feedback systems, you have maximum flexibility in drive design and are not tied to one manufacturer.

With AKD2G you have the freedom to use the servo motor or direct drive that is ideal for you.

With the intuitive and free Workbench software, parameterization and axis tuning of the servo actuators is simple. Save time and money from the very first axis.

Oxni - moves with Siemens TIA

  • PROFIdrive with TIA Technologie objects
  • Servo, Torque and linear motors
  • Clear and easy parameterization
  • 70 to 480V supply
  • Single cable solution
  • Quick and intuitive
  • Single and double axis
  • Functional safety


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The versatile and easy-to-operate servo drive for almost everything

Thanks to the multi-feedback interfaces, the following measuring systems can be read by AKD2G:
SFD, SFD3, Resolver, BiSS B, BiSS C, EnDat 2.1, EnDat 2.2, HIPERFACE, HIPERFACE DSL, SinCos, SinCos + Hall, TTL Encoder, Comcoder, Hall, Pulse & Direction.

The freely available Workbench software speeds up the integration of third-party motors. Permanent magnet synchronous motors of all common variants are supported, for example: servo motors, torque motors, linear motors, direct drives.

Thanks to sophisticated diagnostic tools, an online oscilloscope and the auto-tuning function, even demanding commissioning tasks are no problem.


Why AKD2G?

  • With 70 - 480 V supply for more flexibility in control cabinet construction

  • Integrated Safe Motion for improved personal and machine safety

  • Multi-feedback for more flexibility when selecting the drive

  • Advanced diagnostic tools for improved diagnostic options
  • Current controller with 1.28 microsecond update rate for shorter settling times

  • Controller sizes from 3 to 24A rated current for better scalability

  • Single cable solution for simpler cabling and fewer errors

  • Intuitive user interface for shorter commissioning times

  • Color display for a clearer status indication

  • SD card slot so that no data is lost



Profinet IRT drives