For better motion

A team in motion - Oxni offers solutions in drive technology

Do you want to reach the next level in the automation of your system? Is your goal to optimize logistics? Are you looking for solutions in mechanical engineering? Contact us. We are the experts for your challenges.

We are two passionate mechanical and drive engineers who have joined forces to realize their vision of an innovative future in the field of logistics and mechanical engineering.

Our common goal was to found a company that combines the worlds of logistics management and mechanical engineering in a unique way. With our concentrated expertise and our unwavering commitment, we have built a company that not only develops solutions, but also shapes the future.

We believe that the right combination of advanced technology, creative thinking and a strong customer focus will help us meet the challenges of the modern world of logistics and engineering. Our team works hard to develop innovative solutions that are not only efficient, but also sustainable and future-oriented.

Our journey has just begun, and we look forward to working with you to transform the world of logistics and engineering. Thank you for accompanying us on this exciting journey.

Oxni is the specialist for

  • Critical motion sequences
  • Drive optimizations
  • Motor controls
  • Direct drive technology
  • Design of complete production processes
  • Use of real-time technology
  • Development of new machine concepts

“My experience and expertise are based on my apprentice as an electrician and my bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil. Before Oxni, I worked many years for different international organizations in the filed of automation. These jobs as commissioning engineer for a large packaging company or as application engineering provided me with lots of experience and knowledge in automation technology.

With Oxni GmbH, founded in February 2020, my team and I provide an important service in the automation and drive technology market. Customers have a wide range of requirements. So is our knowledge. The tailord solutions for industry and best in class components from various international suppliers are the key of our success.” ”


Thomas Ochsner complements our team as an experienced specialist in the fields of automation and drive technology. He has a background in electrical engineering with a postgraduate degree in business administration. He has got a long track record in different roles with focus on technical support and sales and worked for different international organizations for more the two decades. “Martin Rupf and I worked together on projects for a large international company for six years.

My experiences as key account and sales engineers as well as my technical expertise are an ideal fit for Oxni. We will be able to develop Oxni and to offer comprehensive support to our customers. Oxni will be able to tackle complex industrial automation tasks even more holistically in the future. I am looking forward to develop and implement new ideas and to further develop a young and ambitious company.”