28F6A17-4013, Application VFD, Realtime Ethernet, STO, SBC, 200kW, 370A, Multi Feedback

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Product description

F6 Combivert Frequency Inverter:

  • Housing 7
  • Dimensions 392 x 606.3 x 361.2 mm
  • Output current 370Arms
  • Peak current 60s/125%
  • Nominal switching frequency 2kHz; 2,4,8,16kHz possible
  • Two-channel multi-encoder interface: Incremental encoder, resolver, Hiperface, SinCos, SSI, EnDat 2.1, EnDat 2.2, BiSS, encoder emulation
  • Output frequency limited to 0..599Hz
  • Synchronous (SMPM), asynchronous, IPM, high torque, high speed or synchronous reluctance motors
  • KTY/PTC/PT1000 temperature sensors supported



  • Input filter 28U5A0W-3000
  • Line choke 28Z1B04-1000
  • Without regen transistor: No regen resistor can be connected!



  • Clamp set included
  • Use the USB-Serial-Converter or
  • LCD operator with display and keypad, for configuration

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